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Be the first to get Colu’s Community Currency

Get early access to the community currency - Colu’s new cryptocurrency reward.

Your new Crypto reward

The community currency is a reward given for buying in your local community. Soon it will be given to you when you make a purchase with the Colu wallet.

The community currency is a type of cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, for example. It has value in ordinary money that can go up or down.


Communities powered by Crypto

The value, or the ‘worth’, of the community currency is determined mostly by the total volume of transactions involving the Colu wallet and the community currency, but also by fluctuations in cryptocurrencies. 

Our vision is a community where you’ll be able to pay for day-to-day things like coffee or lunch with your community currency, and you’ll also receive community currency for each local purchase that you make using Colu. ​


Become a stakeholder in your community

Owning community currency makes you a stakeholder in your local economy.

The more community currencies you own, the more that you become, in part, an ‘owner’ of your local community. ​

Support local businesses

Local businesses are the backbone of our communities. The community currency allows us to get more money to flow to local businesses by rewarding everyday purchases at local businesses.

Building stronger communities together

The community currency stands for our vision of building stronger local communities.

We believe that a strong local community is a place where local businesses are thriving, and the individuals in that community support these local businesses and are dedicated to make the community a better place. ​